1/2" Flex Shaft Drain Cleaning Cable

USD $10.26 / foot

*Includes green protective casing

Available Lengths


About 1/2" Flex Shaft Sewer and Drain Cleaning Cables

We recommend 1/2" (13mm) Flex Shaft drain cables for tough 3" to 8" descaling and root cleaning jobs. 1/2" cable can be pushed further out for those distant, harder to reach root infiltrations under the city streets. 

Our 1/2" Flex Shaft cable will pass through a 2" clean-out that goes into a 3" drain with minimal deviations as it works its way to the main drain. We do not recommend 1/2" cables when there very close deviations in the 3" drain, however it will work well through standard gradual 3" bends. 

Drain Rehab Solutions Flex Shaft cables can be powered by battery drills, but we recommend using an electric drill with a Renssi Clutch Kit. 

T-Slide Option

Upgrade your bare cables with quick and easy T-Slide Connectors for an extra 

$40.00 USD

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