3/8" Flex Shaft Drain Cleaning Cable

USD $8.40 / foot

*Includes green protective casing

Available Lengths


About 3/8" Flex Shaft Sewer and Drain Cleaning Cables

Our 3/8" Flex Shaft cables are highly recommended to the service professional doing general drain cleaning and descaling in 2" to 6" drains. The cable is very flexible and can pass through a 1.5" clean-out into a 2" drain, making its way easily through several 3" bends before getting to the main drain. 

3/8" Flex Shaft cable will delicately descale 2" to 6" cast-iron and is also able to cut roots in drains up to 6". The greatest advantage of 3/8" Flex Shaft is its balance between its flexibility to get through bends and its power to cut through major grease clogs and root blockages quickly and efficiently. 

The cables can also pass through 4" p-traps, simplifying drain unblocking jobs in commercial and institutional kitchens. Your business clients can be functional quicker, faster, and cleaner than if you had used traditional drain cleaning equipment. 

Our 3/8" Flex Shaft cables can be rotated using an 18v (or more) battery drill with an integrated clutch or an electric drill fitted with a Renssi drill clutch kit for safety.

T-Slide Option

Upgrade your bare cables with quick and easy T-Slide Connectors for an extra 

$40.00 USD

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