5/16" Flex Shaft Drain Cleaning Cable

USD $7.27 / foot

*Includes green protective casing

Available Lengths

75' x 5/16"

50' x 5/16"

100' x 5/16"

About 5/16" Flex Shaft Drain Cleaning Cables

Our 5/16" Flex Shaft drain cleaning cables are the ultimate game changer in the drain cleaning industry due to their ability to go through a 1.5" 90 degree bend from a dismantled kitchen p-trap and down a tee connection in the wall in order to unblock the main line. Our 5/16" cable can also descale 1.5" to 4" drain pipe in a surprisingly short time!

These 5/16" cables will go through 3" and 4" floor drains for faster, quicker, and cleaner jobs, avoiding having to dismantle grease traps. This cable is a service truck's best friend because of its compact size and light weight. It's great for the quickies!

5/16" Flex Shaft cable can be directly powered by battery drill with an integrated clutch, but we recommend you use a drill bit adapter sized for your cable to maximize cable life on the back end. 

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