Supplying the Plumbing industry and CIPP Trenchless pipe lining community with equipment, materials and education.

Giovanni Fuizzotto is a master plumber with 30 years of experience. In 2005, he opened Drain Dancar out of Montréal. After more than 18 years of specializing in drainage solutions, using and developing innovative plumbing technologies, Drain Rehab Solutions came about. The goal of the company is to make these products available to fellow plumbing contractors. 


Drain Rehab Solutions is a Trenchless Technology company. We are a manufacturer and distributor of CIPP “cured-in-place pipe” lining equipment & supplies, and of high-speed drain cleaning tools. We supply CIPP Resin, liners, CIPP Drain Pipe Rehab Kits, the official ZIP-ZIP High-speed drain cleaning tool and much much more to plumbers, general contractors, as well as industry professionals in the drainage and Trenchless technology field.


We provide ''Cured-in-place pipe'' (CIPP) lining training to plumbers, contractors and drain & sewer related workers and companies everywhere in North America.

If you are a plumber, contractor, or sewer/drain worker and want to learn CIPP

For those looking to expand into the profitable CIPP lining business, we provide a hands-on training course, typically 2 days. Training is available at our location (on our job sites - YOU accompany us to real customer’s homes) in Montréal, Québec, or at your location, anywhere in North America. We can travel to you, on your job sites. Our goal is to develop you into a totally independent, highly profitable CIPP lining entrepreneur, with the lowest start-up cost in the industry and no franchise fees or hidden costs thereafter. Drain Rehab Solutions provides training for its CIPP lining technology to fellow plumbers, contractors, drain and sewer related workers/companies, and municipalities. Click this link for Cured-in-place pipe lining training or call us to inquire.


Learn the simplest “No-Dig” pipe rehabilitation method in the industry. Our CIPP lining method will seal root infiltration, repair underground broken 3’’-6’’ diameter pipes and will avoid unnecessary damage to landscaping (“Trenchless”).

Let Drain Rehab Solutions teach you our CIPP lining technology to reline and repair damaged underground drain & sewer pipes WITHOUT DIGGING trenches (as was once the norm). This is ‘’Trenchless Technology’’. Take advantage of our many years of experience in the CIPP industry and profit from our knowledge on product support and exhaustive technical assistance.


CIPP lining or CIPP Trenchless sewer repair is an approved and rapidly growing market in the residential, commercial and municipal sectors.


Trenchless Technology is revolutionizing the way the world deals with ageing, deteriorating and broken underground pipe structures. Trenchless Technology is a global solution and is here to stay!

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