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Advantages of the DRS Drain Pipe Rehab System (CIPP Technology)

Don't Dig!

Eliminate the need for large teams and big excavation equipment! Learn to re-line sewer pipes with the DRS Drain Pipe Rehab System. Minimize costs, maximize profits, and take your business to the next level!  

  • A green solution! No volatile compounds or toxic odors!

  • Lowest startup cost worldwide! 

  • Work all 12 months of the year!

  • No franchise agreements! No commitments! No hidden fees!

  • No need for steam or hot water systems!

  • No bursting of CIPP packers due to high heat!

  • Full rehabilitation of sewer pipe is usually completed in one day!

  • No large teams required! A 2 man crew is all it takes to re-line pipes effectively and cleanly!

  • Do it yourself! Don't subcontract or refer jobs away! 

  • Our product surpasses the tensile, flexural, and compression requirements of the ASTM 1743 and F1216 international standards as well as the same for the BNQ (Bureau de Normalisation du Québec) 1809-400/2013 standard.

  • Drain functionality resumes immediately within a short period of time once rehabilitated!

  • Extends the life of the pipe for up to 50 years under ideal conditions!

  • Does not disrupt the traffic or pedestrian circulation since the work can be conducted from the inside of the building!

  • Minimizes business disruptions when being performed in a commercial space!

  • Ecologically responsible method which offers 80% reduction in the carbon footprint of a construction site (reduction in emissions related to trucking, transportation, and use of heavy machinery)!

  • No expensive landscaping repairs to be conducted. Trenchless pipe lining is the more economical and cost saving method when compared to the conventional excavation procedure! 

  • Minimizes dust, gas, air and noise pollution related to excavation trucks and heavy machinery! 

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