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  • Our packers are designed with a flexible core center for structure and can be used for a 3/8" push rod. 

  • Our flexible CIPP packers feature connections for air push rods, safety buckles, and reel push rods. 

  • 54" inch CIPP packers are ideal for 2' foot CIPP patches.

  • 108" inch CIPP packers are suitable for CIPP patches up to 6' feet long.



180" CIPP packers ( for 12 foot patches) are only offered to advanced certified installers. Please contact us for information.

*Prices for packers may be subject to change, but all prices for packers will be confirmed with the customer before the order is processed.

CIPP Packers

Format:                   Price (USD)

54" CIPP Packer    -     626.00

108" CIPP Packer   -    926.00

A tubular inflatable device used to hold the resin-impregnated fiberglass sheeting against the inside walls of the host pipe for the duration of the curing process.

Our standard packers are designed for use in 4" to 6" diameter pipes, and will do the 4" to 6" transition joint.

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