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CIPP Starter Kit

The Drain Rehab Solutions CIPP Starter Kit has the equipment and material you need to start making CIPP repairs today!

Product Info

What is included in the CIPP Starter Kit?

​The Drain Rehab Solutions Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 x Push rod compatible CIPP Packer for 2' to 6' patches. 

  • 20 x 5' foot long 3/8" air rods with 1/4" quick connections.

  • 1 x Air regulator with 1/4" quick connection and safety release valve.

  • 4 x 6' foot Drain Pipe Rehab Kits

  • A toolbox equipped with a combo pliers set, gaffer tape, black electrical tape, yellow electrical tape, and 1 pair of scissors.

Does Drain Rehab Solutions offer CIPP Training?

Absolutely. If you've never installed CIPP before, Drain Rehab Solutions can teach you everything you need to know. Our training program involves our instructor installing a minimum of 6 CIPP packers with you and your team on live work sites. The entire program can be completed in as little as two days. Our instructors can teach you to install CIPP here in Montreal, or fly out to your location.  

Learn more about our CIPP Training Program.

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