Expand into the highly profitable CIPP lining business with Drain Rehab Solutions

TO PRINT Drain Rehab Solutions CIPP Star

Get the training, equipment, and 4 jobs worth of material for only

$9,999.99 USD

This training package includes:

  • The Drain Rehab Solutions CIPP Starter Kit with the material to do 4 jobs

  • 2 full days of training in your city​, working on your jobs and/or in your shop

  • Hotel & flight for the instructor (up to a limit of $2,000.00 USD)*

  • Ongoing technical support via phone and video call.

*Local transport not included.


Drain Rehab Solutions offers new installers years of experience in the CIPP Industry and unparalleled training. We provide you a realistic view of onsite pipe rehabilitation with our certified team of instructors. Our training program involves our instructors accompanying and assisting you during three jobs, guiding you every step of the way!

What types of jobs will I be able to do with this training?

With the training you'll receive from Drain Rehab, you'll be able to execute CIPP point repairs from 2' to 12'. When installed in quick succession, our Drain Pipe Rehab Kits actually fuse together to make a single continuous piece. This allows you to rehabilitate an entire sewer line without the need for any extra equipment. 

What is the curriculum of this training program?

Training involves us working with you on 3 (three) work sites and installing a minimum of 6 (six) CIPP packers together. No matter where you are located, we can dispatch an instructor to train your team 1 on 1. Training can be completed in as little as two days. We will show you how to safely handle our products and show you how to properly prepare a host pipe ready for rehabilitation. Using our detailed installation manual you will have a step by step guide on the installation protocols that need to be rigorously followed in order to have a successful pipe rehabilitation.

Here is an example of a training session:

































Can I come to Drain Rehab Solutions for training?

Absolutely. If you'd prefer to travel to us in Montréal for training, we can certainly accommodate you. The curriculum would remain the same; you would learn with our instructors on actual job sites and/or our workshop.


The cost of training with us in Montréal is  $9,999.99 CAD and does not include your flight, hotel, or transportation. 

What sort of learning curve can I expect?

We have the simplest trenchless spot repair system in the world. This is a skill that you can learn in as little as two days and start making money with immediately. The Drain Rehab CIPP method doesn't require any steam or hot water systems; all you need to do is get the pipe patch on the CIPP packer and get the CIPP packer into the affected area of the pipe.


Am I buying a franchise?

No. When you sign up for Drain Rehab Solutions' training program, you are paying for knowledge, guidance, and technical support. There are no commitments, no minimum purchases, and no hidden fees. 


What type of ongoing support can I expect from Drain Rehab Solutions?

After the on-site training period, we offer over-the-phone technical support to all of our installers. Additionally, we supply our installers with quote templates, promotional images/materials, and instructional videos that they can use to make their businesses run more efficiently and profitably. 


What other equipment will I need to get started?

The following items are required for installation and are not provided in the Drain Rehab Solutions starter kit:


  • Drain inspection camera (min. 150' feet) with recording capability

  • DRS ZIP-ZIP high speed drain cleaning equipment with chain knockers or standard electric rooter with cutting blades

  • DRS PUSH-PUSH Reel or any other duct rodder with 3/8" diameter cable

  • Winch cable (2,000 lbs.) with a quick connect buckle screw lock attachment for CIPP packer (minimum 100').

  • 6 Gallon air compressor with 3/8'' quick connect flexible hose

  • 1 Standard 60'' x 32'' wood folding table

  • 1 container of edible oil (vegetable)

  • Measuring tape

  • Permanent black marker

  • Floor protection and protective plastic

Please contact us for further information! Our agents will be able to assist you with all your questions!