DRS ZIP-ZIP Flex Shaft Drain Cleaning Machines


Stationary Drum

With 125' x 3/8" Flex Shaft Cable

New low price!


Rotating Drum

With 125' x 3/8" Flex Shaft Cable

New low price!

Need a custom cable length?

*The DRS ZIP-ZIP Drain Cleaning Machines can be purchased with custom lengths of 1/2" or 3/8" flex shaft cables. Please contact us for a quote.

Product Details




under 105 lbs.

under 140 lbs.

100% Aluminum Body

Powered by Milwaukee Hammer Drill

Available with 1/2" or 3/8"

Flex Shaft Drain Cable

Compatible with Renssi Allen Key Chain Knockers

Compatible with Renssi

T-Slide Chain Knockers

Recommended Maximum Flex Shaft Cable Capacity

130 feet

130 feet

Customizable cable lengths 

Hands-Free Electric Foot Pedal

Protective Drill Guard


1500 - 3500 RPM

1500 - 3500 RPM

Cable Rotates Clockwise and Counterclockwise

Integrated Aluminum Tool Box*

Water Retaining Drum With 1/2" Drain Plug

Rotating Drum



*Weights listed above are based on machines with standard options and 125' feet of 3/8" DRS ZIP-ZIP Flex Shaft Drain Cleaning Cable.

*Integrated Tool Box included at no extra charge for a limited time. Drain Rehab Solutions reserves the right to end this promotion without prior notice.

The official home of the revolutionary ZIP-ZIP Flex Shaft Drain Cleaning Machine!

The ZIP-ZIP offers professionals greater speed and efficiency when cleaning drains. Our ultra-high speed flex shaft sewer and drain cleaning machine saves you time and makes you money by cleaning out roots, scale, debris and grease clogs in less than half the time of traditional rooter machines. 


The ZIP-ZIP is light and easy to use. At under 105 lbs, you only need one person to complete the job in less than half the time. Save on time and labor! 

More Details

  • FLEET Model weighs under 105 lbs! Only takes one person to transport and operate!

  • REVOLUTION Model weighs under 140 lbs! 

  • REVOLUTION and FLEET frame and reels are made of 100% aluminum.

  • ZIP-ZIP Flex Shaft High-Speed Drain Cleaning Cable are rotated with a Milwaukee Hammer Drill and will spin between 1500 and 3500 RPM (optional Renssi clutch kit available).

  • The DRS ZIP-ZIP Drain Cleaning Machines are priced with a standard 100' foot x 3/8" inch cable with 20mm T-Slide connectors and protective cable casing. *The cable can be modified to desired length and diameter (3/8" also available) at a prorated price per foot. 

  • All our flexible shaft cables can be purchased with 20mm T-Slide Quick Connectors or can be sold with bare ends

  • The REVOLUTION and FLEET models can hold more than 130' feet of 1/2" or 3/8" cable.

  • Compatible with all RENSSI T-slide and allen key type chain knockers.

  • Hands-free electric foot switch pedal for easy one person usage.

  • REVOLUTION model comes with a GFCI plug and both models have protective drill guards for safety.

  • Integrated aluminum tool box included free for a limited time!

  • Water retaining drum with 1/2" inch drain plug (FLEET model).

  • Extension cable are available here.

*Chain knockers and accessories sold separately.


Weights listed above are based on machines with standard options and 100' feet of 3/8" DRS ZIP-ZIP High-Speed Drain Cleaning Cable.

Product Photos


Stationary Drum


Rotating Drum

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