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Push Rod Reels

325' Push Rod Reel - 599.95 USD

Fiber Optical Fiberglass Push Rod/Duct Rodder

Cable Diameter: 3/8"

Cable Length: 325' feet

Our push rod reels allow you to easily push your CIPP packers into place, and are especially useful for great distances!

The steel frame is durable yet light-weight, making it easy to use.

Product Info

  • The fiberglass cable has a high tensile strength and great bending properties, allowing it to pass through pipes easily.

  • The cable is temperature adaptable. It will not become flimsy in the summer or stiff in the winter.

  • Our reels are resistant to acid and corrosion.

  • The fiberglass cable comes with an orange UV-resistant protective plastic casing. 


  • Cable diameter: 3/8"

  • Cable length: 325' feet

  • Frame Height: 38"

  • Frame Length: 36"

  • Frame Width: 18"

  • Total Weight: Under 70 lbs.

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