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Home of the Drain Rehab Solutions Point Repair Pipe Patch System!

Repaired Cast Iron Pipe Before and After



DRS CIPP Pipe Patch Repair Kit.jpg

6' CIPP Drain Pipe Rehab Kits only $356.00 USD!

DRS CIPP Drain Pipe Rehab Kit from Drain Rehab Solutions
Renssi Chain Knockers available at Drain Rehab Solutions

CIPP Drain Pipe Rehab Kits

Chain Knockers

Welcome to Drain Rehab Solutions!

Professional tools for plumbers, contractors, and drain & sewer workers.

Proudly supplying the Plumbing Industry and the CIPP Trenchless Technology community with equipment, supplies, and training programs. 


Drain Rehab Solutions is proud to be featured in the December issue of Plumber Magazine!

Read the case study to learn about how our green drain rehabilitation products can be used to save trees, staircases, landscaping, municipal property, etc. 


We're looking forward to seeing you again at WWETT 2020 at booth #6955!

Renssi Chain Knockers available at Drain Rehab Solutions

We are proud to be an official reseller of Renssi products!

Drain Rehab Solutions CIPP Products can be found in the Trechless Technology Buyer's Guide

Drain Rehab Solutions is a recognized manufacturer and supplier in the Directory of the North American Trenchless Technology Buyer's Guide

Drain Rehab Solutions is recognized by the Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies

We are now listed in the directory of the Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies!

We had a blast meeting everyone at the WWETT Show! See you next year!

Trenchless Pipe Lining Installation video courtesy of Drain Dancar 

Introducing the ZIP-ZIP High Speed Drain Cleaning Machine

We distribute affordable, high quality CIPP lining kits and materials globally!

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Community Spotlight

Here's a view into one of our live on-site CIPP training jobs. In just one day, we showed R. Paquette Égoutier how to fix a broken cast iron pipe without digging it up. This is one of three exercises we completed that day.

We recently teamed up with Mr. Unclog from White Plains, New York to execute the CIPP spot repair of a cast iron drain located underneath a 4 foot wide foundation wall.

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